Helena Manual D-Dimer

Rapid semi-quantitative and qualitative results in a simple, cost-effective format.

Factor-8 and Factor-9 Deficient Plasmas

Helena’s high-quality factor deficient plasmas are trusted worldwide by pharmaceutical and government customers.

V8 E-Class

Advanced performance, convenience and sensitivity in a single, highly-automated system. With class-leading Platinum 4V software and superior assays, V8 E-Class is perfect for the modern laboratory.

Haemostasis reagents

British-manufactured Coagulation, Haemophilia, Thrombophilia, Fibrinolysis and Platelet Function diagnostic tests.

  • Integrated systems
  • Customised solutions
  • Global OEM provider
  • Total end-user support

Unique sample track integration

V8 E-Class is the only serum protein analyser to connect to automated laboratory track systems, with up to 1728 Serum Protein tests per day.

TPP tissue culture plastics

Offering legendary quality and reliability at surprisingly affordable prices, Helena Biosciences are delighted to bring this premium brand to the UK's laboratories.

Remote interpretation

Platinum 4V incorporates networked data handling, analysis and reporting, offering the ultimate in laboratory convenience.

The original pioneers in Clinical Diagnostics

Helena Biosciences Europe is a leading medical diagnostic company with an international reputation comprising two flagship business divisions that specialise in the design, manufacture and support of Clinical Electrophoresis and Haemostasis systems.

We also offer our UK customers access to TPP’s high-quality tissue culture plastics, for a complete laboratory solution.

Latest news from Helena Biosciences

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