SAS-3 / SAS-4

Powerful and versatile semi-automated gel electrophoresis analyser and gel processor for labs running 4000-30000 tests per year, supporting a wide range of gels.

SAS-3 automated compact electrophoresis analyser

SAS-3 has gained a reputation as a superior system for a wide range of assays, ideal for laboratories conducting 60-200 tests per week. All of this reliability and performance comes in a bench-top analyser which applies a precise sample volume directly to the gel using patented sample applicators ensuring no protein loss.

  • Intuitive, multiple-language user interface
  • Supports a wide range of gel sizes for flexible throughput requirements
  • Up to 12/24/40/60/80/100 Serum Protein samples applied simultaneously; up to 2/4/9 samples for Immunofixation
  • Automated reagent and antisera application for reagent-based assays
  • Optimised gel range compatible with SAS-1plus and SAS-MX IEF gels
  • IEF capability as standard
  • Bar code reader for sample audit trail
  • Prepared staining/destaining solution lasts for up to 1000 samples
  • All gel processing liquids external – no level sensors
  • 20 editable gel programmes, with all SAS-3 tests pre-programmed

SAS-3 gels

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