Alkaline Phosphatase

Main features

This high resolution agarose electrophoresis method for separation of Alkaline Phosphatase isoenzymes provides excellent discrimination with enhanced separation of bone and liver fractions. The gel formulation ensures separation of the macrohepatic fraction from bone and liver.

  • Up to 12 samples per gel
  • Single lane analysis for all Alkaline Phosphatase isoenzyme fractions
  • Clear and identifiable bands produced
  • All assay components included in kit including ALP separation enhancer

Available gel sizes


SAS-1 Alk Phos Kit

Tests per gel:12
Gels per kit:10
BufferBlock gel technology
SampleSure applicators

Catalogue numbers

Alkaline Phosphatase

102000 SAS-MX Alk Phos Kit (requires REF: 3039)
200800 SAS-1 Alk Phos Kit (requires 2 x 210500)
300800 SAS-3 Alk Phos Kit


102010 Alk Phos Control

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