Pentavalent Screen

Main features

The unique Pentavalent screen products from Helena Biosciences allow direct screening of serum and/or urine samples for monoclonal proteins either in place of standard screening methods or as a pre- IFE confirmation.

  • Pentavalent Fixation
  • Direct urine sampling – no need to concentrate
  • Clear and identifiable bands produced
  • All assay components included within the kit

Available gel sizes


SAS-3 Urine Analysis Kit (with 300406, 321300)

Tests per gel:60
Gels per kit:10
Compatibility:SAS-3, V8 gel preparation
BufferBlock gel technology
SampleSure applicators

Catalogue numbers

Pentavalent Screen


300400 SAS-3 Urine Analysis Kit
300406 SAS-3 Pentavalent Screen Accessory Kit
321300 Pentavalent Screen Antiserum (10x3ml), (IgG,A,M, K, L)

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Regulatory information

Intended Purpose

SAS-3 Pentavalent Screen Accessory Kit is an accessory to be used in conjunction with Helena Biosciences immunofixation methodologies. It is required to enable the pentavalent immunofixation method on associated Helena semi-automated SAS instrument platforms. Intended for use by trained laboratory professionals in a clinical laboratory. In isolation the SAS-3 Pentavalent Screen Accessory Kit has no analytical or clinical function.

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