Serum Proteins (High Resolution)

Main features

By using high-resolution agarose electrophoresis, 15 or more proteins can be visualised in the serum. This superior resolution and sensitivity separates and detects proteins with similar electrophoretic mobilities.

  • Up to 20 samples can be applied simultaneously on SAS-3
  • Suitable for urine and CSF analysis
  • All assay components included within the kit

Available gel sizes


SAS-3 Hi-Res Kit

Tests per gel:20
Gels per kit:10
Compatibility:SAS-3, SAS Vitrési
BufferBlock gel technology
SampleSure applicators
Minimum order quantity applies to this kit



SAS-1 Hi-Res-12 Kit

Tests per gel:12
Gels per kit:10
Compatibility:SAS-1, SAS-1+, SAS-3, SAS Vitrési
BufferBlock gel technology
SampleSure applicators

Catalogue numbers

Serum Protein (Hi-Resolution)

200700 SAS-1 Hi-Res-12 Kit
300700 SAS-3 Hi-Res Kit

Serum Protein Controls

7024 Kemtrol Serum Control - Normal Kit
7025 Kemtrol Serum Control - Abnormal Kit

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