Platinum 6

Platinum 6

Accelerate patient and analytical management with our touchscreen-driven, connected software.

Platinum 6 excels with unrivalled ease of use, outstanding data handling performance and powerful analytical features. With revolutionary networking capabilities, it truly is the heart of your laboratory.

One software platform for all our analysers.

Platinum 6 lets you mix and match results from our capillary and gel electrophoresis analysers, while providing quality control management and V8 NEXUS control.

Key specifications

  • Full HD display with multi-touch navigation gestures including pinch-to-zoom
  • Focus Mode provides simple navigation of results
  • Expert System provides automatic flagging of abnormal results with optional auto-reflex testing
  • Configurable report designs with SP and immunotyping traces on one page, and PDF export
  • Configurable patient demographics and external chemistry values for each result
  • Automatic patient history
  • Customiseable trace display with flexible comparison tools
  • Advanced peak identification and haemoglobin variant overlays


Access data anywhere.

Networked interpretation and Middleware



Simple, user-friendly interpretation

Platinum 6 makes interpretation and diagnosis quicker, easier and reliable with sophisticated viewing, comparison and editing capabilities. The expansive touchscreen interface makes navigating the trace ultra-simple, and our Second Derivative tool allows you to highlight small peaks or other features which could otherwise be missed.

Together with innovative ways to filter, arrange and compare your result data, the clear design offers an unmatched environment to maximise your laboratory’s productivity.


Expert System

A software assistant enabling you to streamline the identification of abnormal samples in large patient workloads in busy labs and direct expert resource to patients that need it most.


Instrument management

Instant status and control of your V8 Nexus

Platinum 6 combines all management facilities into a single, at-a-glance overview of your analyser. The software provides clear, user-friendly graphical displays of all key processes and instrument states:

  • Current default method *
  • Overall instrument status *
  • Quality control status *
  • Analytical progress per capillary
  • Graphical instrument condition
  • Buffer and reagent levels
  • All communication, quality control and status logs
  • System measurements including temperature, voltage and pressure

* Available at all times


Fast and furious…

Platinum 6 provides huge speed improvements for key tasks when dealing with large data sets.

Session load time:

8.7 seconds down to 2.1 seconds

Find similar patient:

1.6 seconds down to 0.6 seconds

Search patient database:

108 seconds down to 0.4 seconds

Platinum 6 Serum Protein Result

Platinum 6 Quality Control Page

Platinum 6 Gel Immunofixation Scans

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Regulatory information

Intended Purpose

Platinum Software is an analytical software package that is used to display, edit and store the result output of numerous clinical kits. Platinum can be used as a standalone program or it can be connected to a V8 Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis system and/or a laboratory information management system (LIMS). Data imported into Platinum can be displayed, peak morphologies assessed and relative area under the curve calculated and thus, provide an operator with qualitative and quantitative information. Results can be stored with patient demographic information in a searchable database. Intended for use by a trained laboratory professional in a clinical laboratory.

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