Powerful, unlimited data management

Platinum 6 uses industry-standard SQL database technology to provide remote interpretation of results from any location on your laboratory’s network. And our Middleware enables centralised collection of results from all of your gel and capillary analysers for networked interpretation.


Remote Interpretation

Interpret and report — from anywhere you like

Each enabled Platinum 6 PC can remotely view, edit and report a session of results stored on the source V8 NEXUS (or gel analyser) PC, which can send and receive data from a connected LIMS.

Diagram showing remote interpretation with Platinum 6



High-throughput, multi-site management of your entire analytical and reporting process, requiring only a single LIMS connection for unlimited analysers and operators.

Result Centralisation

Centralises management of an unlimited number of either capillary or gel results from all of your networked analysers.

Live Remote Interpretation

Remote viewing, editing and reporting of results from up to three networked PCs using the Platinum 6 Expert networking feature.

Diagram showing an example of three analysers and three connected Middleware viewing PCs

Key features

  • High-throughput multi-analyser capillary and gel workflows
  • Builds upon Platinum 6’s database and networking enhancements to deliver major efficiency increases
  • One session aggregates V8 and gel results from across the laboratory network in real-time
  • Delivers all data to LIMS via a single connection
  • View all capillary and gel results in the same list — as they are generated — for ultimate flexibility
  • Allows real-time interpretation from multiple V8 NEXUS analysers simultaneously
  • Multi-user interpretation allows reporting of completed results to be done by any number of clinicians working at remote sites
  • Access controls allow fine-grained management of user rights


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