V8 Nexus technical specifications

Technical specifications

V8 Nexus is redesigned from the inside out to deliver new automation, stunning performance and enhanced flexibility.

The V8 Nexus is the next-generation clinical capillary electrophoresis analyser from Helena Biosciences, bringing improvements to hardware, automation, methods and software with a fully touchscreen-optimised Platinum 6.

New Capillary Electrophoresis System

  • Rapid CE technology
  • FlexWave capability
  • LabConnect automation

New Methods and Automation

  • High-speed Serum Proteins
  • Haemoglobin A1c
  • Automated Haemoglobin

Platinum 6 Interpretation Software

  • Touch screen control
  • Real-time V8 monitoring
  • Automated Expert System


V8 Nexus Key Features

  • Cap piercing and sample agitation capabilities * New feature
  • Rapid capillary technology (up to 96 tests per hour)
  • Flexible wavelength detection capability for new and enhanced methods
  • Connectivity to fully automated laboratory track systems
  • Four independent buffer locations with automatic switching and full bar-coded traceability
  • Continuous loading of sample tubes with 112-tube on-board capacity
  • Flexible, peltier-cooled on-board reagents (6 positions) and diluent (4 positions) * New feature
  • Automated gel tray preparation for Serum, Urine Protein, IFE and Haemoglobin tests * New feature
  • Automated maintenance and scheduled start-up and shut-down settings * New feature

Methods and Analysis

  • New, optimised Fast Serum Protein method designed specifically for V8 Nexus
  • CZE (Capillary Zone Electrophoresis) and IEF (Isoelectric Focusing) techniques for optimum results
  • Automated reflex testing to capillary immunodisplacement or to gel immunofixation
  • Automated Haemoglobin A1c method
  • Automated Haemoglobin UltraScreen CZE method * New test
  • Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT Auto) method
  • Glyco Liver Profile * New test
  • Carbamylated Albumin * New feature

Platinum 6 Key Features

  • Revolutionary touch-screen interface with real-time system control and status monitoring * New feature
  • Combine and view gel and capillary results from unlimited analysers * New feature
  • Remote networked analysis and interpretation
  • Unlimited database capacity (constrained only by storage hardware) * New feature
  • Expert System automates the identification and approval of normal samples, and the re‑testing of abnormal samples
  • Full auditable traceability, ISO 15189 ready


Analysis Hardware

  • Eight-channel capillary electrophoresis
  • New capillary technology for rapid serum protein analysis * New feature
  • FlexWave variable-wavelength detection range of 200-600nm for novel methodologies including reflex testing for interfering factors, and screening for contrast media * New feature

Track Automation

  • Connectivity to automated laboratory track systems:
    • Inpeco FlexLab
    • Abbott Accelerator
    • Siemens Aptio (in development)

Sample Handling

  • Continuous random access sample loading of up to 112 samples at a time
  • Sample dead volume of 50µL  — sample tube dependent
  • Positive patient identification with integrated barcode reader for full sample traceability

Gel Tray Sample Integration

  • Can prepare SAS-1 and SAS-3 gel sample trays for the following applications:
    • Serum Protein electrophoresis (up to 100 samples)
    • Urine Protein electrophoresis (up to 100 samples)
    • Immunofixation (up to 15 serum and urine samples)
    • Alkaline haemoglobin (up to 40 samples) * New feature
    • Acid haemoglobin (up to 12 samples) * New feature
  • Automated pre-lysis for whole-blood haemoglobin samples * New feature
  • Full audit trail and sample traceability — ISO 15189 ready

Smart System Features

  • Fully automated maintenance procedures at start up, shut down and between procedures
  • Scheduled start up and shut down maintenance procedures * New feature
  • Service alert feature to ensure instruments are serviced when required * New feature
  • Automated system check to monitor the performance of key parts * New feature

Buffer Handling

  • Six on-board buffer locations
  • Up to four simultaneously accessible assay buffers, and two rinse/utility buffers
  • Load multiple methods at the same time
  • All buffers are bar-coded for full audit traceability
  • Buffer usage optimisation with not-in-use buffers no longer purged * New feature

Reagent Bay

  • Ten on board reagent locations
  • Four diluent reagent positions, enough for up to 668 tests * New feature
  • Six open positions for antisera and reagents * New feature
  • Peltier temperature controlled reagent bay for controlled stability and reduction in reagent loss


General Features

  • Touch screen, intuitive, modern and powerful software interface * New feature
  • Database capacity constrained only by storage hardware
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Network database functionality for storage of data on laboratory networks
  • Remote viewing of data
  • Customised gel and capillary method parameters
  • Host query, bidirectional super fast TCP/IP LIMS/LIS connectivity
  • Import 10 patient demographics 
  • Import 12 patient chemistry analysis results
  • Automated auto query/auto send
  • Method host query


  • Customisable and configurable individual workspace for every user
  • Customisable and configurable trace view, including:
    • Peak name labelling
    • Peak colouring
    • Axis adjustment
    • Overlay normal trace(s)
    • Derivative view for small monoclonal proteins
  • Automated linking of sample with historical data
  • Historical view of previous patient results all on one screen * New feature
  • Immunowindow view of immunodisplacement results for clear immunotype identification
  • Full suite of touch-optimised editing tools, including:
    • Gating of peaks
    • Insertion of peaks
    • Quantifying monoclonal bands
    • Editing baseline
  • Automated retrieval of samples for reflex testing

Instrument Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • Advanced hardware feedback for real-time status updates * New feature
  • Updates include:
    • Full sample status and timing (from entering the instrument to completion of analysis) * New feature
    • Full buffer and reagent volume monitoring 
    • Electrophoresis status and timing monitoring * New feature
    • Maintenance status and timing monitoring * New feature
    • Service alert * New feature

Advanced Software Features

  • User-friendly Expert System, offering automated flagging and clearing of abnormal results for reflex testing to immunotyping, with a straightforward user interface * New feature
  • Instrument status monitoring with a comprehensive quality control (QC) package with the following features:
    • Automated barcode input of QC sample ranges and data * New feature
    • QC status icon * New feature
    • QC alert when QC has expired or failed * New feature
    • Levey Jennings chart and statistical reports to track QC performance * Updated feature
    • Customisable Westgard rules for analysing QC results
  • Intuitive commenting modules for easy and standardised reporting of results
  • Customisable report module for hard copy reporting
  • Customise templates or create reports from scratch



  • Auto-reflex testing utilising user defined wavelengths * New feature
  • Customisable immunofixation dilution factors * New feature
  • Automated immunofixation dilution based on monoclonal/polyclonal size * New feature
  • Pre-lysis of haemoglobin samples to further automate Hb analysis * New feature

V8 Nexus Standard Configuration:


Tests per hour

Serum Proteins


Urine Proteins

Immunodisplacement 10 
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin 16 

Haemoglobin IEF Screening


Haemoglobin A1c * New feature


V8 Nexus with Rapid SP Upgrade:


Tests per hour

Rapid Serum Proteins * New feature


Rapid Urine Proteins * New feature


Rapid Immunodisplacement * New feature


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