Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin Auto

CDT is an accurate, reproducible test for chronic alcohol abuse, allowing for more effective treatment and improved clinical outcomes and improved monitoring and reduction of alcohol-related problems in professional scenarios and across society.

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Automated technology

Powerful, reproducible solution for monitoring of alcohol abuse

The V8 Nexus CDT test provides clear, rapid results with minimal interference due to paraproteins or genetic variants. It is shown to have excellent correlation to other methodologies in a number of published comparison and evaluation studies.


  • Normal
  • Abnormal

About chronic alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is a serious and growing problem around the world, with a detrimental effect on individuals, businesses and society as a whole. In the UK alone it leads to 14 million lost working days per year, at a cost of £20 Billion.

The benefits of diagnosis and monitoring

  • Earlier detection results in more effective treatment and improved clinical outcomes
  • For every €1 spent on specialist alcohol treatment, €5 is saved on health, welfare and other costs
  • Testing reduces drink-driving and related problems in major industries such as air and rail travel


Ordering information

REF Description Quantity
803110 V8 CDT Auto
803300 V8 CDT Normal Control Kit 1 × 1mL
803400 V8 CDT Abnormal Control Kit 1 × 1mL
830100 V8 Storage Buffer
830200 V8 Maintenance Buffer

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