Haemoglobin IEF

Haemoglobin IEF

Highly sensitive, automated capillary electrophoresis haemoglobin IEF methodology for versatile haemoglobinopathy screening.

The V8 Haemoglobin IEF kit combines excellent automated performance with superb separation and quantitation capabilities, for fast and reliable results across a wide range of haemoglobin variants.


Clear interpretation

Accurate detection, quantitation and labelling of normal and variant peaks.

V8 Haemoglobin IEF

  • Normal
  • Abnormal


Gel integration

Automated gel tray workflow — only with V8 Nexus


V8 Nexus provides the unique ability to prepare sample trays for gel electrophoresis testing and confirmation, with automated dilutions and complete end-to-end patient ID and reagent traceability.

  • Alkaline and Acid Haemoglobin (up to 40 samples)
  • Automated pre-lysis for whole-blood haemoglobin
  • Serum and Urine Proteins (up to 100 samples)
  • Immunofixation (up to 15 serum and urine samples)

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Ordering information

REF Description Quantity
800900 V8 Haemoglobin IEF Kit
802600 AA2 Normal Hemo Control 1 × 1mL
802601 AA2 Elevated Hemo Control 1 × 1mL
830100 V8 Storage Buffer
830200 V8 Maintenance Buffer

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