V8 Serum Proteins

Serum Proteins

V8 Nexus supports high performance, fully-automated serum protein analysis with uniquely powerful interpretation tools.

V8 Serum Protein tests deliver highly resolved and sensitive results for rapid quantitation of serum proteins to aid in the diagnosis of multiple disease states, with automated gel immunofixation and capillary Immunodisplacement workflows.

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Wide spectrum assays

The complete serum protein picture

A range of powerful serum protein tests, each offering hardware-specific buffer chemistries tailored for speed and sensitivity, but all optimised for maximum separation performance on the powerful V8 Nexus hardware.

V8 Serum Protein SPE

A flexible, high performance test

  • Normal
  • Abnormal

V8 Serum Protein SPE (Fast SP)

Fast capillary technology for up to 96 tests per hour, whilst retaining Helena’s unmatched resolution, sensitivity and flexibility.

  • Normal
  • Abnormal

V8 Serum Protein 6-band Zoom

An optimised method capable of showing extremely fine detail.

  • Normal
  • Abnormal


Gel integration

Automated immunotyping workflow — only with V8 Nexus


V8 Nexus provides the unique ability to prepare sample trays for gel electrophoresis testing and confirmation, with automated dilutions and complete end-to-end patient ID and reagent traceability.

  • Serum and Urine Proteins (up to 100 samples)
  • Immunofixation (up to 15 serum and urine samples)
  • Alkaline and Acid Haemoglobin (up to 40 samples)
  • Automated pre-lysis for whole-blood haemoglobin

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Powerful capillary-based immunodisplacement test

Helena’s Immunodisplacement test utilises the V8 Nexus on-board antisera capability to perform immunotyping with no manual operator intervention. Because the entire process is completely automated, our Platinum 5 software enables the operator to instantly link, compare and report on the Immunodisplacement data in context with the original Serum Protein result.

  • Up to 19 Immunodisplacements per hour
  • Instant linking and comparison of all historical patient results
  • Fully automated workflow with Helena’s Expert System


Urine proteins

Flexible and automated urine protein analysis

Perform automated integrated urine protein testing using on-board reagents for each of Helena’s serum protein assays. V8 Nexus can also automated the preparation of gel trays for further analysis and confirmation using our SAS-1+ and SAS-3 gel analysers.

Regulatory information

Intended Purpose

V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SP6 Zoom Kit, V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SPE Kit and V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SP6 Kit are accessories used to elute proteins from packed columns or spin columns after their recovery from urine and store those proteins in a pH regulated matrix for downstream analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis. Intended for use by a trained laboratory professional in a clinical laboratory. V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SP6 Zoom Kit, V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SPE Kit and V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SP6 Kit have no clinical or analytical function in isolation.

CE mark

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Ordering information

REF Description Quantity
800500 V8 Serum Protein SPE Kit
800800 V8 Serum Protein 6-band Zoom Kit
802400 CEtrol Serum Control - Normal Kit 10 × 2mL
802500 CEtrol Serum Control - Abnormal Kit 10 × 2mL
800410 V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SP6 Kit
800411 V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SP6 Zoom Kit
800412 V8 Urine Preparation Buffer SPE Kit
800300 V8 Immunodisplacement Kit
830100 V8 Storage Buffer
830200 V8 Maintenance Buffer

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