The Helena AggRAM offers fully customisable platelet aggregation and Ristocetin cofactor testing using light transmission aggregometry on plasma.

Detection principle:

  • Light transmission
  • 4 channel laser optics utilising 650nm wavelength


  • Aggregation
  • Agglutination

Sample processing

  • Plasma sample
  • Micro-volume testing - minimum cuvette volume of 250μl
  • 4 or 8 patient samples per run
  • 12 sample incubation positions
  • 4 ambient reagent positions

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Main features

  • Flexibility – customise your assay test sequence, calibration, dilutions, volumes, run times, display parameters, input additional agonists and create new screens
  • Half-volume – fully optimised half volume settings, including programmable stirrer speed
  • Powerful data handling – automatic calculation of slope, max% aggregation, time to max aggregation, lag phase, secondary slope and area under the curve (research use only) with full manual edit options
  • Security – operator log on with password level protection
  • Database – extensive database for patient results, quality control and standards. Data retrieval with the safety of full automatic backup
  • Interface – LIMS uni-directional host interface
  • Quality control – Levey-Jennings display of QC data based on assigned Westgard rules with integrated corrective action log
  • Available PC/Printer option

Regulatory information

Intended Purpose

The Helena AggRAM is a semi-automated light transmission aggregometer, for optical analysis of platelet aggregation studies and Ristocetin Cofactor testing. The Helena AggRAM has been designed to be used in conjunction with associated qualitative and quantitative Helena Biosciences Europe haemostasis reagents by trained laboratory professionals in a clinical laboratory.


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