The Helena AggRAM offers fully customisable platelet aggregation and Ristocetin cofactor testing using light transmission aggregometry on plasma.

Detection principle:

  • Light transmission
  • 4 channel laser optics utilising 650nm wavelength


  • Aggregation
  • Agglutination

Sample processing

  • Plasma sample
  • Micro-volume testing - minimum cuvette volume of 250μl
  • 4 or 8 patient samples per run
  • 12 sample incubation positions
  • 4 ambient reagent positions

Main features

  • Flexibility – customise your assay test sequence, calibration, dilutions, volumes, run times, display parameters, input additional agonists and create new screens
  • Half-volume – fully optimised half volume settings, including programmable stirrer speed
  • Powerful data handling – automatic calculation of slope, max% aggregation, time to max aggregation, lag phase, secondary slope and area under the curve (research use only) with full manual edit options
  • Security – operator log on with password level protection
  • Database – extensive database for patient results, quality control and standards. Data retrieval with the safety of full automatic backup
  • Interface – LIMS uni-directional host interface
  • Quality control – Levey-Jennings display of QC data based on assigned Westgard rules with integrated corrective action log
  • Available PC/Printer option


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