Changing your myHelena password

If you have forgotten your myHelena sign-in details, or you wish to change your password for any other reason, you can visit our Password Reset page. You will need your registered email address.

Visit A page something like this should open:


Click Forgot your Password? to visit the reset page. You can also reset your password via your myHelena Account page.

Request a password reset

Upon visiting the reset page, you should see a simple form like this:


Enter the email address you originally used to register with myHelena, as follows:


Click Request Password Reset.

If the email address corresponds to a valid myHelena account, an email containing a unique web link will be sent to that address. The page should refresh to indicate the the request has been received:


You will have only around 2 hours in which to complete the reset. After this the link will become invalid and you must make a new request.

Completing the reset

Find the email received from myHelena, and click (or copy into your browser) the long link. The following page should open:


You must enter the same email address to confirm your identity, and choose a new password. Enter it in both fields. The new password must contain only letters and numbers, and be at least 6 characters in length. For security reasons, you will receive no confirmation of the password — so you must remember it.

Finally, click Reset Password Now. If the new password is valid, the page should refresh to indicate success:


You can now visit and sign in using the new password. If you encounter problems, please contact your Helena representative.

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