Helena CDT test receives renewed IFCC certification

Helena announce renewed IFCC certification for V8 CDT test

Ensuring standardised screening for chronic alcohol abuse.

Helena Biosciences are delighted to announce that our V8 CDT Auto assay has once again been certified as an officially compliant CDTIFCC method by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. We have been a member of the IFCC CDT working group since its inception and continue to be an enthusiastic partner in the key field of chronic alcohol abuse monitoring.

The IFCC certification is a critical standard for metrological traceability. As the consequences for those found to be above the IFCC threshold (2.0% disialotransferrin) can be significant, the importance of this can not be overstated. It is an essential safeguard for toxicology and forensic analysis laboratories, who should ensure that their supplier can meet these important standards.

V8 CDT Auto was the first capillary electrophoresis assay to receive the IFCC certification. It is fully automated, running on Helena’s 8-channel V8 Nexus analyser. CDT results are automatically sent to our Platinum 6 Touch software, and are fully traceable to the IFCC method.

Find out more at www.helena-biosciences.com/cdt.

Helena Biosciences’ IFCC certificate is available upon request at any time. Please contact the Helena team for more information on the certificate or any aspect of this story.

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16 July 2020 14:22

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