UK IVD diagnostic manufacturer wins major Northern Ireland tender

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UK IVD diagnostic manufacturer wins major Northern Ireland tender

Medical diagnostic manufacturer Helena Biosciences, working in collaboration with AB Scientific, has been awarded the Northern Ireland Regional tender for the supply and delivery of clinical electrophoresis.

Helena Biosciences is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment used in clinical laboratories worldwide. Their diagnostic systems are used for blood diagnostics of cancers like multiple myeloma and other rare blood diseases, for example thalassaemia.

Clinical electrophoresis has been used in pathology laboratories for decades as a conventional technique to diagnose patient disease from the separation of serum proteins.

In recent times, Helena Biosciences has put a huge amount of investment into automation, intelligence and new clinical applications. For example, automated capillary electrophoresis, sample-track integration, touchscreen software — have allowed laboratories to process patient samples more efficiently meeting more intense turn-around times. Alongside these developments, the company has expanded the menu of clinical applications increasing the ‘clinical reach’ of specialist diagnostics on conventional lab equipment. The Glyco Liver Profile, carbamylated albumin, haemoglobin IEF and alpha-1 anti-trypsin are all areas of innovation that have made the company more attractive to customers in recent times.

The Northern Ireland regional tender, which covers NHS hospitals, Belfast (BHSCT), Northern (NHSCT), Southern (SHSCT), South Eastern (SEHSCT) and Western (WHSCT) Health & Social Care Trusts, called upon suppliers to submit proposals that were cost-effective and innovative.

Helena Biosciences, partnering with AB Scientific — won the multi-million pound tender spanning five NHS Trusts – after a rigorous evaluation. The four year contact was awarded with the potential to extend for a further four years.

Greg Dobson, Co-owner and Director of AB Scientific Ltd, commented: “We are delighted to have won the regional tender for Northern Ireland and we are excited to be working with each of the trusts and Helena Biosciences”.

Helena Biosciences’ Sales and Marketing Director, Doctor Adam Stephenson commented:
“Winning this tender is great news but the real work starts now. Total customer satisfaction is key”.

This is not only significant milestone; Helena Biosciences are investing heavily into their latest product — the Glyco Liver Profile. Developed by scientists at the University of Ghent, Belgium, this test is the first of its kind using glycomics to provide a full profile of chronic liver disease using a single blood sample.

Doctor Adam Stephenson added, “as our installation base grows due to the investments we have made in new products, we certainly hope that we can accelerate the adoption rate of our innovations — in the NHS and elsewhere”.

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