Helena Biosciences announce immediate support for IFCC-standardised CDT test

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Helena Biosciences announce immediate support for IFCC-standardised CDT test

Helena Biosciences, a leading clinical diagnostics manufacturer and provider of automated CDT testing for many years, is proud to announce the IFCC standardisation of their V8 CDT Auto Kit, for the quantitative analysis of Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT).

In collaboration with the IFCC CDT working group, Helena Biosciences have been involved in an initiative to drive standardisation in CDT analysis in order to alleviate market variation in the quantification of CDT. Within this working group, manufacturers were asked to calibrate equipment in line with HPLC reference measurements and roll out a new CDTIFCC test to allow customers to upgrade to a standardised method.

Standardisation was achieved by utilising factory calibration of equipment and assaying control materials against reference materials. This allows any existing V8 Nexus customers to switch to the CDTIFCC method following a simple update to the settings and ordering controls assayed using the CDTIFCC method.

Helena Biosciences recommends that all V8 Nexus customers move to the IFCC standardised CDT assay; however for the foreseeable future, non-standardised testing will continue to be supported. We urge customers using V8 E-Class analysers to upgrade to V8 Nexus with Platinum 5 software in order to enjoy the latest developments to our assay portfolio.

In line with the new IFCC recommendations, the disialotransferrin peak will now be reported as CDT-IFCC to denote standardisation. This terminology will automatically update in Platinum 5 during the activation of the new method. The bands list, peak labelling and report templates will all automatically change to CDTIFCC. Functionally the assay is identical — sample analysis has not changed. As a result, with the exception of band naming and QC ranges, your interaction with Platinum and V8 Nexus remains as before.

V8 Nexus customers can now upgrade to the CDTIFCC method using a one-time settings update. For further support please contact your Helena Biosciences representative.

For more information about Helena Biosciences or to learn more about the CDT test, please visit www.helena-biosciences.com/cdt. To keep with up with the latest news you can follow Helena Biosciences on Twitter at www.twitter.com/HelenaBioSci or on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/helena-biosciences

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30 May 2018 10:24

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