Cryo Tubes

TPP cryo tubes are used to store samples in freezers or similar low-temperature equipment


Key features:

  • With the geometry of the external thread, TPP can abstain from using a silicone gasket, enabling the secure and tight closure of the tube
  • The external threading results in a smooth internal surface that eliminates undue loss of specimen material during removal.
  • Colour-coding inserts in a range of colours offer convenient marking and identification
  • Supplied in convenient, puncture and tear resistant re-closable bags with zipper and laser perforation
  • Self-standing (because of the star foot base)
  • Graduated with large writing surface

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Star-shaped locking system:

Using the TPP cryo tubes with cryogenic rack No. 99016, with its star-shaped locking system, enables single handed operation.

Laser perforation:

The laser perforation makes it easy to open the bag. In addition an intact laser perforation doubles up as a security seal.


The re-closable mechanism of the zipper enables easy opening and closing.


  • TPP recommends to use cryo tubes for storage in the gas/vapor phase above the liquefied nitrogen (LN2).
  • However, if you chose to store in the liquid LN2 TPP recommends the use of additional wrapping such as welded tubes. Through a small entry ports - such as not correctly tighten caps - LN2 can enter the vial. During defrosting the port is to small for the fast expanding LN2 . The result is, that the material cannot withstand the high pressure and will explode. The spread of the contents and contamination can be the result.

Always use appropriate safety equipment and procedures.

Filling Volume

It is important, that the Cryo tubes are not filled up to the maximal possible filling volume. This is so the cell suspension has the possibility to expand during the freezing process (recom: 0.2 ml less than max. graduation of the tubes).


Colour inserts for Cryo Vial Caps

5 colours

6 x 100/sleeve


Catalogue number 99020T
Quantity per pack 7800
Volume (mL) 0


Cryo Tube 1.2ml

External Thread; skirted



Catalogue number 89012T
Quantity per pack 800
Volume (mL) 1.2
Material PP


Cryo Tube 2ml

External Thread; skirted



Catalogue number 89020T
Quantity per pack 800
Volume (mL) 2
Material PP


Cryo Tube 3.8ml

External Thread; skirted



Catalogue number 89040T
Quantity per pack 400
Volume (mL) 3.8
Material PP


Cryo Tube 4.5ml

External thread; skirted



Catalogue number 89050T
Quantity per pack 400
Volume (mL) 4.5
Material PP



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