Cell Volume Measurement

The PCV tube enables a quick and reproducible measuring technique of the cell volume. This method is ideal for the monitoring of the tissue growth (cell mass). After a short centrifugation in a micro centrifuge, the cell volume shows as a pellet in the PCV capillary. With the "easy read" measuring device, developed by TPP, the volume can be read.


Key features:

  • Reading device with magnifying glass and cross line
  • Optimal usage in combination with the PCV tube
  • Reproducible cell pellet measuring possible
  • Reusable product, no further investments necessary
  • Measuring range 0 - 5µl

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Typical protocol:

  • Mix the cell suspension thoroughly in the TubeSpin® Bioreactor
  • Take a sample of exactly 1000 µl
  • Transfer sample into a PCV tube
  • Spin sample: 1 minute at 2500 g in a micro centrifuge
  • Read volume of the pellet (cell mass) in the PCV tube with "easy read“ measuring device

High density of cells

  • With a very high density of the cells, the samples must not be diluted. You might simply reduce the sample volume. Samples from the same series should be treated accordingly. 
  • For bacteria measurement the parameters have to be adjusted, for example higher g-force, smaller volume, etc.
  • Micro centrifuges with swing-out rotors are preferable.

Cap for PCV


Catalogue number 87008T
Quantity per pack 150
Volume (mL) 0
Material PE


Easy Read Measuring Device


Catalogue number 87010T
Quantity per pack 1
Volume (mL) 0
Material Al


Packed Cell Volume Tube


Without cap and colouring


Catalogue number 87005T
Quantity per pack 250
Volume (mL) 1


Packed Cell Volume Tube




Catalogue number 87007T
Quantity per pack 150
Volume (mL) 1



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