Tissue Culture Dishes

Tissue culture dishes from TPP stand for large growth area and secure handling


Key features:

  • Surface treatment of the growth area enhances the proliferation of the cells
  • Secure gripping ring prevents dish slippage
  • Vents provide airflow between stacked dishes
  • Numeric "clock" markings (12, 3, 6, 9) in the base of the dish divide it into quadrants for quick orientation
  • The crystal clear clarity enables a visual control of the cells in stacked dishes using transmitted light. This is the basis for the documentation with microphotography

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Consistent Growth Conditions

  • Air vents in the dish base allow airflow between stacked dishes and prevention of condensation.
  • Cams on the inside of the dish lid function as spacers and enable a constant movement of air and limitation of condensation.
  • Both features provide consistent growth conditions even when dishes are stacked.

Notable extra features

  • Tissue culture dishes are designed for manual handling.
  • The yellow inscription field on the lid and the frosted inscription field on the base enable a defined positioning of the lid.
  • The side walls of the dish are not treated for tissue growth.

100mm ø Tissue Culture Petri Dish


Catalogue number 93100T
Quantity per pack 240
Volume (mL) 0
Material PS


150mm ø Tissue Culture Petri Dish


Catalogue number 93150T
Quantity per pack 100
Volume (mL) 0
Material PS


40mm ø Tissue Culture Petri Dish


Catalogue number 93040T
Quantity per pack 900
Volume (mL) 0
Material PS


60mm ø Tissue Culture Petri Dish


Catalogue number 93060T
Quantity per pack 840
Volume (mL) 0
Material PS



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