Tube Storage

Tube Racks and Cryo Boxes


Key features:

TPP racks for centrifuge tubes 15 ml / 50 ml:

  • Alpha-numerical inscription to identify your samples
  • Heat resistant autoclavable material
  • Collapsible for storage: Quickly assembled and disassembled.

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Additional advantages for the TPP rack for tissue culture flat tubes 10:

  • Transparent top
  • Protection rim that prevents horizontally stored tissue culture flat tubes 10 from shifting

Advantages for the TPP rack for TubeSpin Bioreactor 600:

  • Re-usable
  • Stackable
  • Secure footprint
  • Fits 3 x vessels

TPP cryo boxes:

  • Intended for storage of samples in a freezer
  • After multiple usage the lids can be removed and replaced with ease
  • For cryo tubes larger than 4 ml, boxes with raised lids are available

Advantages of the TPP cryo rack with star-shaped insertions:

  • Star-shaped insertion system in the grooves allows one hand operation when used with the star foot TPP cryo tubes
  • Excellent non-slip properties
  • Ready-mounted rubber feet 

Space Saver

The click-system allows easy assembling and disassembling of the racks. A collapsed rack saves storage space when not in use.

Cryo Tube Storage Box 81, Big


Catalogue number 99014T
Quantity per pack 10
Volume (mL) 0
Material PP


Rack for 40 Cryo Tubes

100 × 200mm

locking base feature


Catalogue number 99016T
Quantity per pack 12
Volume (mL) 0
Material PC


Rack for 81 microtubes

Cryobox; 133mm × 133mm


Catalogue number 99015T
Quantity per pack 20
Volume (mL) 0
Material PP


Rack for Tubes [97mm × 205mm]

18 × 15ml

10 × 50ml


Catalogue number 99017T
Quantity per pack 45
Volume (mL) 0
Material PP


Universal Rack [168mm × 205mm]

30 × 15ml

20 × 50ml


Catalogue number 99019T
Quantity per pack 30
Volume (mL) 0


Universal Rack [86mm × 197mm]

4 × 50ml, 8 × 15ml     

8 × 10cm²


Catalogue number 99018T
Quantity per pack 28
Volume (mL) 0



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