V8 CDT Auto

Fully-automated Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin assay, from sample preparation to results reporting

CDT is the collective term for the lower sialic residues which are seen at elevated levels after sustained, excessive alcohol consumption. Serum CDT levels are globally recognised as the most reliable biomarker of chronic alcohol abuse due to CDT’s high sensitivity and diagnostic value.

Our high-specification CDT assay delivers full automation of rack and sample handling, making it very easy to use:

  • Sample pre-treatment is no longer required. Iron saturation is now handled automatically and on-board
  • All racks can be loaded at once and processed automatically without loss of resolution, reproducibility or accuracy.
  • Improved sample traceability as analytes can now be loaded and analysed from their primary tubes

Trace images

V8 CDT Auto (normal)

Throughput (max):16 samples per hour
CDT normal

V8 CDT Auto (abnormal)

Throughput (max):16 samples per hour
CDT abnormal

Catalogue numbers

V8 CDT Auto

803110 V8 CDT Auto (2-part kit) 


803300 CDT Normal Kit
803400 CDT Abnormal Kit


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