V8 Haemoglobin IEF

Clear, fast and simple analysis

V8 Haemoglobin IEF Assay from Helena Biosciences Europe combines excellent automated performance with superb separation and quantitation capabilities, delivering fast and reliable results across a wide range of haemoglobin variants.

  • Up to four times the throughput of traditional HPLC haemoglobin testing
  • Single format kit for the detection of all major normal and abnormal haemoglobin variants.
  • Automatic detection and colour labelling of resolved bands for crystal-clear interpretation and results reporting
  • The only Clinical CE system capable of automated haemoglobin IEF separation, a method that allows for high resolution separation and quantitation of haemoglobin variants

Trace images

V8 Haemoglobin IEF

Throughput (max):32 samples per hour
Hb normal

Catalogue numbers

V8 Haemoglobin IEF

800900 V8 Haemoglobin IEF Kit


5331 AFSC control
5329 ASA2 control
5330 AFSA2 control
802600 AA2 Normal Control
802601 AA2 Elevated Control


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