Gel integration

Intelligent reflex testing

  • Automated retesting with the click of a mouse
  • Software Expert System
  • Clear easy to interpret results
  • Automatically reflex samples to the SAS gel tray

V8 E-Class is a responsive system, with reflex testing and sample recall functionality allowing on-board samples to be assayed automatically for further testing. Samples can be retrieved for Immunotyping or further testing simply and automatically with the Expert System — even the interpretation is automatic.

Expert System: automated interpretation

With Expert System, the operator can allow Platinum to speed the screening process, utilising advanced detection software to identify normal and abnormal samples, which can be retrieved for Immunotyping or further testing simply and automatically.


The system analyses traces automatically according to the configured settings, marking the result as normal or otherwise depending upon the number of bands and recognised variations in peak shapes. When a trace exhibits unusual geometries or diverges from the standardised normal result profile, the result will be automatically marked for inspection by the operator.

Reflex re-testing

Where a trace is recognised according to the laboratory’s chosen settings as a suspect result, the system will automatically order a re-test either via capillary electrophoresis or to a prepared gel tray.

Re-test via Immunodisplacement

V8 E-Class delivers a fully-automated Immunotyping platform providing total flexibility with Immunodisplacement and gel integration for Immunofixation.

  • Customisable Immunodisplacement window takes the work out of interpretation
  • Overlay multiple traces for detailed comparisons


Seamless gel preparation for confirmatory testing

V8 E-Class gel integration is a unique on-board automated gel tray preparation technology which enables a V8 E-Class to be integrated into an existing gel electrophoresis laboratory, or to be installed as a new, more capable and flexible laboratory screening and confirmation solution.


  • Making capillary and gel electrophoresis more compatible than ever
  • Automated sample preparation for Helena Biosciences' SAS and SPIFE gel trays
  • Enables V8 E-Class to support worldwide Helena Biosciences users
  • Fully incorporated into our TrueIdentity audit trail functionality, V8’s unique gel integration is a must-see feature for clinicians and managers alike. This groundbreaking functionality enables the clinician to maximise their interpretative skills whilst making the most of our capillary EP advancements.

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