Superior precision, accuracy and results

  • Advanced capillary electrophoresis technology
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity and resolution
  • Intelligent peak detection
  • Automatically coloured and labelled bands

Better screening with better technology

V8 E-Class represents an interplay of innovative hardware, chemistry and software design, delivering greater quantitative capability, improved sensitivity for low-concentration samples, and increased linearity of monoclonal quantification.

  • The V8 E-Class automated XYZ arm enables the pipetting of precise volumes of sample and diluent, optimising chemistry for stacking.
  • Our advanced reagent technology works hand-in-hand with our ultraviolet (UV) detection, resulting in much improved resolution.
  • V8 E-Class’ sample stacking chemistry leads to optimal sample detection by UV.

Sample stacking for clearer results


V8 E-Class resolves many of the historical issues (see below) with resolution and accuracy that have affected previous generations of CE analyser, producing superior signal-to-noise levels and sharper responses for clearly resolved traces.

  1. The sample solution enters the capillary before it is electrophoresed.
  2. The sample migrates by travelling into the buffer. The interface between the solution and buffer lines up the proteins.
  3. The lined up proteins are more effectively visualised by the detector resulting in higher peak efficiency, and greater clarity for clinicians.

Older systems rely on inferior technology

On other capillary analysers, issues of protein dispersal within the capillary lead to poor resolution and an inability to discern bands clearly. Historical attempts to solve this usually involve increasing the effective detection path length in an effort to boost resolution.

Clinical capillary electrophoresis


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