V8 Inpeco FlexLab integration

Beyond walk-away automation

Delivering an unmatched package of high-quality methods, performance and convenience, V8 E-Class now brings unique high-throughput protein analysis to the automated laboratory.

Hands-free automated analysis

V8 E-Class offers a revolution in laboratory operation with no manual sample handling steps at all.

Straightforward connectivity

V8 E-Class attaches directly onto the Inpeco track system, automatically handling all test requests, analysis and reporting via the central FlexLab software.

fully-automated protein electrophoresis analysis

V8 E-Class is the first — and only — automated clinical electrophoresis system in the world available for a track system and capable of serving laboratories with large workloads. With plug-and-play connection to Inpeco-compatible laboratory track systems, and completely hands-free automated test ordering and reporting, the system represents a new chapter for high-throughput electrophoresis.

  • Hands-free automated analysis
  • Maximises throughput
  • Better use of resources
  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater analytical flexibility
  • Modular laboratory automation

Watch the system in action


Clinical capillary electrophoresis


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