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The Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (α1-AT) IEF gel kit is intended for the identification of genetic variants in human serum by a combination of iso-electric focusing and immunofixation. The Alpha-1- Antitrypsin variants are separated according to iso- electric point in an agarose IEF gel.

  • 12 samples per gel
  • Clear and identifiable bands produced
  • All assay components included in the kit

Available gel sizes

IEF gel

Tests per gel:12
Gels per kit:10

Catalogue numbers

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

105101 IEF gel- 10 kit

Accessories required for IEF

5014 Development Weight
311105 SAS Membrane Roller
211400 SAS-M1 Developing tray pack (50pcs)(disposable)
4061 Staining dish (Re-useable)

Optional Antisera

102206 SAS-MX Kappa-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102207 SAS-MX Lambda-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102208 SAS-MX Free Kappa-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit
102209 SAS-MX Free Lambda-IEF (2 Step) reagent kit


102210 IgG-IEF Control kit


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