Platinum 4V visual tour

Planned and built around you

Other products involve constant opening and closing of windows in order to complete the most basic tasks. Instead, all of Platinum 4V’s main functions are presented in one, intuitive display. Click or tap the highlighted areas on the image below to see what each part of the main window does:

Click or tap an item

Explore Platinum 4V's main window by clicking the blue circles. Descriptions of each item will appear below.

Tool bar

Fully customiseable, direct access to the most common Platinum features

Session work list

Overview of every sample in the current session, with colour-coded sample markers to indicate result status, and automatic flagging of samples with abnormal historical data

Immunofixation / Immunodisplacement data

Automatically linked to Serum Protein sample data

Sample trace display

High-quality, accurate analysis data from the V8, offering direct access to viewing and editing functions


Separate comments for Serum Protein and IFE data

Patient demographics and chemistry values

Up to 10 fully configurable demographic values and 12 chemistry values

Band values display

Offering detailed information on sample trace data

Instant V8 Status display

At-a-glance feedback on the state of the analyser and session


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