High performance manual gel electrophoresis with a wide range of tests.

High performance with low prices

Established around the world for 40 years, SAS-MX is simple and reliable technology matched by an exceptionally wide range of assays, delivering high performance, accuracy and reproducibility.

The standard chamber comes with a heat shield for use in high-resolution applications and is available with an optional IEF chamber for isoelectric focusing.

  • Runs Titan III cellulose acetate or agarose gel
  • For in vitro and research labs
  • Plugs straight into most power supplies
  • Reusable applicators for 8 or 12 samples
  • Optimised gel range
  • Unique interlock safety system breaks electrical circuit when chamber lid is removed
  • Platinum electrodes and heat shield for agarose-based, high-resolution electrophoresis
  • Additional IEF chamber for isoelectric focusing

SAS-MX gels

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