High performance manual gel electrophoresis with a wide range of tests.

High performance with low prices

Established around the world for 40 years, SAS-MX is based on simple and reliable technology and matched by a wide range of assays, delivering high performance, accuracy and reproducibility. It is ideal for small laboratories running routine serum protein, urine protein, immunofixation and haemoglobin variant screening.

An optional IEF chamber for isoelectric focusing is also available.

  • Runs SAS-MX agarose gels
  • For in vitro and research labs
  • Plugs straight into most power supplies
  • Optimised gel range
  • Interlock safety system breaks electrical circuit when chamber lid is removed
  • Platinum electrodes

SAS-MX gels

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Intended Purpose

The SAS-MX is a manual bench top chamber intended for use in conjunction with serum protein, immunofixation and haemoglobin zone electrophoresis methods. The SAS-MX conducts electrical power during agarose gel electrophoresis to separate the constituent fractions of human serum and whole blood samples. The component fractions are then visualised by manual staining. The SAS-MX is to be used in conjunction with the Helena SAS-MX range of products. Intended for use by trained laboratory professionals in a clinical laboratory.


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