Haemostasis reagent solutions

D-Dimer assays

Manual and automated formats
Multi-Platform, UK-made kits

Helena Manual D-Dimer

Rapid semi-quantitative and qualitative results, in a simple and cost-effective format.

Helena C-Series

1, 2 and 4-channel coagulometers

Factor Deficient Plasmas

Helena’s high-quality plasmas are trusted by pharma and government worldwide.

Quality haemostasis reagents and controls. Made in Britain. Sold and supported globally.

Helena Biosciences are a UK-based manufacturer of reagents and controls for diagnostic coagulation, haemophilia, thrombophilia, fibrinolysis and platelet function testing. Our R&D teams support a range of automated and manual applications with application guides covering Sysmex, IL, Behnk and other systems.

  • Global developer of customised and reagents
  • OEM, B2B and off-the-shelf B2C customers
  • Flexible kit configurations
  • Dedicated application support team
  • Sites in Gateshead and Sunderland, UK

Coagulation and platelet function news

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Routine Assays

Factor Deficient Assays

Chromogenic Assays

Specialist Assays

Calibrators and Quality Control Material

Platelet Function



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