Factor 8 and Factor 9 Deficient Plasmas

Factor-8 and Factor-9 Deficient Plasmas

Helena’s high-quality factor deficient plasmas are trusted worldwide by pharmaceutical and government customers, offering a reliable method for the quality control of haemophilia treatment products.

  • Provides more accurate factor deficiency clotting time
  • Residual factor activity of less than 1%
  • Available guaranteed HiV and Hepatitis-negative
  • Long-term shelf life and stability

Factor VIII and Factor IX Deficient Plasmas are widely used for the quality control of Haemophilia A and Haemophilia B treatment products.

Helena Biosciences offer a full range of Factor Deficient Plasmas in immunodepleted format, and our plasmas are available as guaranteed HIV and Hepatitis-negative.

Helena Factor Deficient Plasmas range

Technical details

The intrinsic factor deficient plasmas are intended for the quantitative determination of specific factor activity in citrated human plasma. This one-stage method requires an appropriate APTT reagent and any instrument capable of performing APTT-based factor assay testing.

Kit contents

Factor 8 Deficient Plasmas:




Factor VIII Deficient Plasma (Immunodepleted)


10 × 1 mL

Factor 9 Deficient Plasmas:




Factor IX Deficient Plasma (Immunodepleted)


10 × 1 mL

Key: Liquid Lyophilised

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