Immunotyping in Plasma Cell Dyscrasia Disease Progression

The importance of immunotyping in Plasma Cell Dyscrasia Disease progression

The International Myeloma Working Group's criteria for the diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

The International Myeloma Working Group's Criteria for the diagnosis of multiple myeloma published in the Lancet in 2014 (Lancet Oncol 2014; 15: e538–48) provide a definition of Non-IgM and IgM monoclonal gammopathies of undetermined significance (MGUS) (monoclonal gammopathy of <30g/L). These separate MGUS types have varied progression rates, from 1% per year for Non-IgM types to 1.5% per year for IgM type MGUS.

The primary progression events may also be significantly different with non-IgM type MGUS having primary progression events such as Multiple Myeloma, solitary plasmacytoma, immunoglobulin related amyloidosis (AL, AHL, AH). IGM type MGUS have primary progression events of Waldenstroms Macroglobuminaemia and Immunoglobulin–related amyloidosis (AL, AHL, AH).The determination of MGUS monoclone type is important not just for determining disease progression rate but also the path of this progression.  
The typing of a serum monoclonal protein requires serum protein electrophoresis followed by the immunotyping of that sample to confirm and type the monoclonal present. Immunotyping can be undertaken by Immunodisplacement using capillary electrophoresis; this allows for fast, efficient and automatic immunotyping.

This is especially useful for determining the immunotype of paraproteins >3g/L*. The gold standard methodology of Immunofixation can also be followed: Helena Biosciences manufacture a highly sensitive immunotyping gel (sensitivity of 0.06g/L**) which is capable not only of providing a fast, simple and easy-to-use test but also delivering a highly sensitive and reproducible result.

* Dependent upon sample quality and the user’s abilities. 
** All antisera is titred to a sensitivity of 0.06g/L

V8 E-Class Immunodisplacement: the complete screening solution

On the Helena Biosciences V8 E-Class capillary EP analyser, immunoglobulin typing is done using our Immunodisplacement test which is the capillary equivalent of IFE. Immunodisplacement allows for rapid, precise and straightforward identification of monoclonal components, both in serum and urine samples

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SAS Immunofixation: gold standard immunotyping

Immunofixation Electrophoresis (IFE) is characterised by its enhanced sensitivity, ease of interpretation, quick test results and excellent resolution. The SAS-MX Immunofix kit allows for the profiling of a patient sample in just over an hour with the use of colour-coded antisera. 

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