V8 E-Class: a revolution in laboratory automation

Delivering advancements in automation, analysis and useability, V8 E-Class is the heart of a high-throughput analytical solution that represents a giant leap for clinical electrophoresis.

  • Second-generation capillary electrophoresis analyser
  • Advanced interpretation, reporting and QC software package
  • A range of superior, tailored assays
  • Unique preparation and integration for SAS gel electrophoresis

Transforming 21st Century Clinical Electrophoresis

V8 is revolutionising the laboratory for customers around the world, a completely integrated analytical solution encompassing best-in-class analyser, tailored assays and Platinum 4V software. 
V8 E-Class is a second generation system with unique advancements to automation, analysis and useability.


Continuous loading

With fully automated method changes, buffer replenishment and on-board maintenance procedures, V8 E-Class copes easily with high-throughput workloads, offering continuous loading of up to 112 samples enabling multi-method sample preparation for gel electrophoresis and CE analysis.

With interruption-free, random-access loading of new sample tube racks, the operator can fully automate the workflow of on-board serum or urine samples with STAT, rack and batch prioritisation.

Flexible buffer handling

With all the necessary buffers and reagents on-board, V8 E-Class is a powerful multi-tasking machine that will analyse samples by CZE, prepare urines for gel electrophoresis, whilst processing sample results from a reflex immunodisplacement request.

  • Four user-defined method-specific buffer bottle positions on board the system for maximum analytical flexibility
  • Interruption-free switch-over from empty bottles for continuous, automated operation
  • Automated purging and method-switching straightforward prioritisation and STAT samples



On-board reagents

V8 E-Class offers fully traceable management of all on-board reagents and diluent for Immunodisplacement and Haemoglobin tests.

  • Ten temperature controlled reagent positions for on-board assay flexibility
  • Automated dilution of samples for gel tray preparation
  • User-defined reagent positions for maximum flexibility
  • Easy-to-use reagent templates

Platinum 4V advanced analytical software

Platinum 4V offers a complete, single-window overview of the session management, gel and/or capillary electrophoresis analysis, and reviewing and reporting processes. Despite its simple, easy-to-use design, Platinum 4V provides a completely integrated, end-to-end suite of functions:

  • Session and worklist management
  • QC and validation functionality
  • Control of V8 instruments and gel scanning processes
  • Search and linkage of historical patient result data
  • Automated flagging of patients with historical abnormal results
  • Comprehensive LIMS and laboratory automation connectivity


Superior results with V8 assays


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